Yamaha outboard engines are world class, developed with technologies aimed at giving you a reliable and rich marine life. The same goes for our Used Yamaha Outboard Engines. Despite the fact that they have been used, they still have powerful control systems. They are specially designed to be friendly to the environment. Also, these engines are developed with technologies like the High-Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) system to improve their eco-friendliness. Furthermore, these engines have strengthened parts for the gearcase, brackets and camshafts. In addition, Other parts like plasma-fused cylinders, spark plugs. Other new technologies makes Yamaha outboard engines outstanding. Also, it makes the engines excellent, reliable and durable. Furthermore, these engines weigh less when comparing them with other brands. The systems have a good fuel economy and low noise.

From a humble beginning of developing Yamaha outboard engines for use in small fishing ports around Japan. The 60-year history of Yamaha outboard engines has taken many to waters around the world. It has also driven numerous technological advances. But what hasn’t changed is the care and passion Yamaha brings to the design and manufacture of each and every product. Whether it is for business or pleasure, Yamaha outboard engines bring all the joys, comfort and fulfillment of the marine lifestyle to people around the world. This has been and will remain why Yamaha will continue striving to produce the best outboard motors possible.

Features that make these Engines perfect in sea conditions.

The latest version of these outstanding Yamaha outboard is a real pleasure to use. This is because it comes with many other unique features:

  • Variable Trolling RPM control.
  • Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt system.
  • Yamaha outboard’s optional Y-COP remote security system.
  • Advanced DOHC design and special intake.
  • Exhaust systems optimize combustion.
  • Integrated Motor Assist System (IMAS) that reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%.

At Yamaha Marketplace, we have a wide variety of new models of Yamaha outboard. We can customize to suit your needs. It is our goal to use our experience and expertise in the marine industry to understand our customer and provide them with the best model of Yamaha outboard engine available for their lifestyle. You can custom order the latest Yamaha outboard models. Reach out to us and Let us help you build your dream boat, motor, or trailer today!

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